Sold out for Thanksgiving 2022


$40 deposit/$6.50 per pound 

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Farm Fresh Bourbon Red Turkeys

We began raising turkeys in 2009 for our own family Thanksgiving feast. Over the years, we  have raised Broad Breasted White, Narragansett, Royal Palm, Bronze and Bourbon Red  turkeys. Each Thanksgiving, we labeled our plates of turkey and did taste tests. We now only raise  the heritage breed of Bourbon Red. We found this breed to be the best tasting by far. The  flavor is much better than commercial-raised, store-bought turkeys.

Our turkeys do not grow  big or fast, but at the rate nature intended with free-choice outdoor and inside access on USDA  certified organic feed. No vaccinations, antibiotics or hormones are used on our turkeys or breeding stock. 

From our local family farm to your table, taste the difference of Small Family Natural Farm freshness.

Order your fresh Bourbon Red turkey beginning September 1, 2022.

Open farm and turkey pickup on Sunday, November 20, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. in Barrington Hills, IL.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I know how much my turkey(s) will weigh? 

You pick the weight range - either 8-12 lbs. or 13-18 lbs. On your order form, you specify the  ideal weight of your turkey and we try our best to match it. As our turkeys are fresh, we do not  know the actual weight of each turkey until right before pickup. 

Q: How does pickup work? 

Pickup Sunday, November 20, 2022  from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at the  Barrington Hills, IL farm 

Bring the kids and explore the farm, feed the animals and  pick up your turkey!  

Q: Where are the turkeys processed? 

Our turkeys are processed by a USDA-inspected company. They are refrigerated until pickup and never frozen. Your turkey will be in a sealed plastic bag and look very similar to a turkey purchased in the store and ready for you to cook.  

Q: What is the difference between organically-fed turkeys and organic turkeys?                      

USDA organic turkeys need 3 qualifications: outside grass on a USDA certified farm, USDA certified  turkey feed and processing by a USDA certified organic processor. It takes 3 years to become a USDA certified farm. Small Family Natural Farms is not yet a certified USDA farm, so we feed USDA organic feed, use a USDA processor and give our turkeys free-choice indoor shelter and outdoor grass access. We do  not use hormones, antibiotics or vaccines on our turkeys or breeding stock. 

Q: How many turkeys did you raise? 

We maintain about 12 turkeys as our breeders at the Harvard farm. This rafter (group of turkeys) lives  in their indoor/outdoor shelter throughout the year, protected by a fence and overhead netting. Beginning in April, the hens begin laying eggs which are incubated at the Barrington Hills farm, hatched and then returned to the Harvard farm. In 2021, we raised about 80 turkeys!  

Q: What is your favorite way to cook your fresh turkeys? 

Bob typically brines our turkeys in a cooler for 24 hours prior to cooking in a simple brine of 1 cup Kosher salt per gallon distilled water. It takes about 3 gallons to completely cover the bird. We let the natural  flavor of our turkeys shine. A meat thermometer in the thigh reading 155-160 degrees is when the turkey  is removed from the heat source. The turkey continues to cook out of the oven to reach 165 degrees.  Our family Thanksgiving consists of five turkeys from the following heat sources: ovens, gas grill, charcoal grill and turkey fryer. We always want leftovers!